Friday, May 1, 2009

Gimme Shelter - Opening Reception

As we explore what Green Art Jobs look like check out some of the wonderful work Zoe Cohen and colleages are doing over at the The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. One inspiring project is Gimme Shelter.

The center writes: "Gimme Shelter is a showcase of six temporary, functional woodland shelters located just down the hill from The Schuylkill Center's Main Building, across from the Cattail Pond. The project is meant to build awareness of the applied possibilities and meaning of sustainability and its impact on our lives and our connection to the natural world. The competition encouraged collaboration between artists, designers and architects, in order to demonstrate and promote new, unique, and inspiring approaches to sustainable design and building techniques."

These are great examples of what green-art structures look like, and gives us an idea of how they look in the urban environment - in playgrounds, right of ways, maybe even in place of a parking lot.

Check out Gimme Shelter and see some examples of what happens when artists, architects, landscape architects and enlightened environmental centers collaborate. I call that shovel ready!

Opening Reception:
May 9
/ rain or shine
2pm - 5pm
3pm / guided tour by design teams
Free and open to the pulic

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