Thursday, November 5, 2009

Green Studios

by Greg Patch

We can honor the environment with “beautiful” imagery, but, until we begin to use materials that are not toxic to ourselves and the environment we are not realising the energies involved.

Knowing that:

          - most paintings/paints are composed of toxic chemicals, 

             petro-oils, plastics and heavy metals along with 

             preservatives and fungicides like formaldehyde

          - most paintings/paints also produce off gases that

             increase the toxicity of the environment in which they are 

             manufactured and displayed.

          - present labeling of art materials as non-toxic is solely regulated 

            by self interested fine art paint industry representatives.

Please take a few moments to visit my website gallery The medium I use is beeswax (a sustainable) and pigments carefully selected for their non toxic characteristics. They are “food container safe”. The papers I am using are sustainably harvested plant based materials or recycled cotton fabric. More in depth writing on toxins in the visual arts can be found on my website at

This summer I presented these materials in a class for elementary age students at our local community center and to adults at a local art facility. Both groups were excited with the materials and in integrating environmental awareness/lifestyle in their art work.

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